As consumer concern continues to mount over inflation and rising interest rates, the investment community is taking note and monitoring their portfolios closely. But you don’t have to resign to the fact that this will negatively impact your investments. In fact, with certain strategies in place, this can be an opportunity for unprecedented growth. 

The goal of HLC Equity’s Economic Outlook is to pull back the curtain on these economic levers, unpack how they impact the commercial real estate investment space, discuss our insight and analysis, and provide an actionable roadmap – the same roadmap we will follow – to help navigate the seas of this coming economic period.

You will walk away with insights on: 

  • Strategies for multifamily owners to consider during inflationary environments to boost returns
  • How the Fed’s interest rate hikes will impact CRE 
  • How to best maximize value during inflationary times
  • A look at how multifamily historically performs when inflation rises
  • …and much more! 

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