In this case study, we discuss the success of Toscana Apartments, HLC Equity’s most recent investment disposition. We will cover why Toscana was successful and how it will help drive future investment decisions for HLC.

About the Investment:

  • Acquired by HLC Equity in 2017
  • Located in the Dallas MSA; Urban Infill
  • 192-unit Class B Community, built in 1986
  • Implemented value-add program, operational excellence, and Layers serviced apartments
  • Sold in Q2 2022

Topics we cover:

  • How the HLC Equity team was able to maintain an average monthly occupancy of 94%, including 99% at the time of the sale.
  • The implementation of Layers, HLC’s hybrid operating model, and why HLC  investors have come to value Layers properties.
  • The execution of an intense and highly effective capital improvement program.
  • How insights from Toscana will inform future investments, allowing investors to experience continued strong returns.
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