Podcast | The Secret To Last In The Real Estate Industry for Decades with Daniel Farber

For any business to last for decades, it needs to weather different challenges successfully. In real estate, this means you have to adapt quickly to changes and circumstances like recession or even a global pandemic. CEO, Daniel Farber spoke with Whitney Sewell on The Real Estate Syndication Show, you can check out all of the highlights via the Life Bridge Capital website HERE We have included the video, the podcast, as well as the transcript below!

Daniel details how HLC Equity survives decades in the business and what they have learned over the years. Daniel emphasizes the importance of protecting the business from any downside. He says it is crucial to properly capitalize your deals as well as having relatively resilient asset classes. Daniel also gives importance to having a long-term outlook of the business and personal connections with your investors. He then tells Whitney about our hybrid management operating model and brand called Layers. Tune in and find out the secret to last in the real estate industry!

Key Points From This Episode:   

  • Daniel talks about HLC Equity, a multigenerational real estate investment firm.
  • What Daniel and his business learned over the years about investing and what has changed.
  • Daniel shares how they prepare for a downturn.
  • How to capitalize well when you have a new project?
  • Daniel details their hybrid management operating model and brand called Layers.
  • What helped Daniel and HLC Equity get prepared for the pandemic?
  • What’s the next big change for HLC Equity?
  • Will Daniel and HLC Equity focus on multifamily now?
  • The daily habits that helped Daniel achieved success.
  • Daniel’s best source for meeting new investors right now.
  • The number one thing that contributed to Daniel’s success.
  • How does Daniel like to give back?
  • Tips on bringing in good people to your team.

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