Podcast | Daniel Farber on The Alternative Investment Podcast

Daniel Farber recently joined Andy Hagans on The Alternative Investment Podcast to discuss HLC Equity’s approach to real estate investing. Check out the podcast below. 

Andy Hagans is co-founder and co-CEO at WealthChannel. Get all of the episode details via WealthChannel here.

Episode Highlights

  • Background on HLC Equity, and the firm’s origin as a single family office.
  • How the firm’s 70-year history helps them to maintain a patient, long-term investment philosophy.
  • Why long-tenured employees can be a unique asset when determining things such as a company’s “core values.”
  • Daniel’s thoughts on inflation, interest rates, and where the economy may go from here.
  • Why Daniel is bullish on CRE opportunities in the year ahead, and how HLC Equity plans to take advantage of the opportunities that may arise

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