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Active vs. Passive Real Estate Investing

Real Estate Investing 101 

Investing in real estate offers many benefits, from portfolio diversification and risk mitigation, to earning tax-advantaged passive income and more. 

Learn more about the differences between active and passive real estate investing – we examine some key factors  that many people overlook when investing in real estate for the first time.

The Benefits of Investing in Real Estate

Real Estate Investing 101 

Investing in real estate has long been touted as one of the best ways for individuals to create long-term, sustained wealth. Some dip their toes into the waters by investing in a single rental property. Others selectively invest in small-scale apartment buildings. But few truly understand the advantages of investing in commercial real estate – apartment communities, retail centers, office buildings, land development and more…

Podcast | From Retail to Multifamily To PropTech

Yishai Breslauer – CRE SharkEye is a podcast focusing on CRE (commercial real estate) for professionals and beginners, on this episode, HLC Equity CEO, Daniel Farber joins the discussion. 

Podcast | How To Invest And Scale To Create Generational Legacy Wealth

HLC Equity’s CEO Daniel Farber joins the discussion in the latest episode of the Passive Income Attorney podcast hosted by Seth Bradley. Tune in as Daniel shares the firms unique journey and gives expert insights into his favorite markets and asset classes. The episode touches on a wide range of issues, including tips for professionals seeking to earn passive income and build up their net worth, family office investment tactics, along with key market analysis and investment strategies that have helped this multigenerational firm expand its own investment portfolio.

Podcast | The Secret to Last in the Real Estate Industry for Decades

For any business to last for decades, it needs to weather different challenges successfully. In real estate, this means you have to adapt quickly to changes and circumstances like recession or even a global pandemic. CEO, Daniel Farber spoke with Whitney Sewell on The Real Estate Syndication Show, you can check out all of the highlights below….

Webinar | Shifting the Paradigm of Second Home Ownership (With Austin Allison of Pacaso)

CEO, Daniel Farber sits down with Austin Allison of Pacaso Homes. Austin Allison became a key executive at Zillow after selling his real estate transaction software company to Zillow for $108M. Together with Zillow Co-Founder Spencer Rascoff, Austin recently launched Pacaso, which is creating a unique category for second homeowners. Pacaso recently raised $75M, reaching over a $1B valuation in less than a year. 

Webinar | Proptech and the Changing Real Estate Landscape (Fireside Chat with Camber Creek)

CEO, Daniel Farber sits down with Jeffrey Berman of Camber Creek

podcast feature on weiss advice

Podcast | A Lucrative Property Management Model

CEO, Daniel Farber sits down with Yonah Weiss on Weiss Advice to discuss a lucrative property management model

Webinar : A Discussion with The Durst Organization

PropTech360 continued its Web Series focused on Real Estate Investment and Innovation with David Neil, Principal, and Executive at The Durst Organization and Daniel Farber, CEO of HLC Equity, the discussion was moderated by Lucas Hewett, Business Development Executive for Layers.

In case you missed the conversation “Multigenerational Firms Investing in the Future”. The discussion covered key investment fundamentals and the overall market outlook.

4 Key Components To Passive Real Estate Investing

By Daniel Farber (CEO)

With the democratization of investment platforms, opportunities have been created to give access to institutional quality investments for everyday investors. At the same time, investors are frequently lured into highly risky investments with promises of unrealistic double-digit returns by unseasoned sponsors in a historically low-interest-rate environment. The four criteria laid out here have produced strong passive investment results over the long term.

7 Considerations When Investing in Hotel to Multifamily Conversions

Investor Prep: 7 Considerations When Investing in Hotel to Multifamily Conversions

By Dave Molitor

As the hotel to multifamily conversion strategy gains steam, investment opportunities in this niche will likely become more common.  To help you evaluate these potential investments, we have outlined seven high-level items, with specific conversion considerations, to discuss with the sponsor.  

How Property Managers and Tenants Came Together in Year One of the Covid-19 Pandemic

By Heather Filgo & Laura Bo Sherman

We shared a reflection of how our property managers and tenants at Layers came together over the course of the past year, during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Webinar: 'The Rising of the New City and Innovation'

The webinar discussed shifts of cities over the last several years and the acceleration caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Come hear how cities are adapting to the new reality, implementing new technologies, services, and innovations.

Protecting Your Investment – Identity Fraud in Multifamily Leasing

By Dave Molitor

Schemes like what we have described are happening, and we know it because we have seen it firsthand at our properties. We wanted to share our insights on how to guard against it.

Protecting Your Investment - Managing Apartment Community Delinquency WITHOUT the Threat of Eviction

By Dave Molitor

We weigh in on managing apartment community delinquency WITHOUT the threat of eviction, a common topic of interest since the passing of the Cares Act in March of 2020. 

How Landlords and tech companies are creating parternships that last

How Landlords & Technology Companies are Creating Partnerships That Last

By Avia Tzur-Farber

We examine two primary areas in which Real Estate Owners & Operators are leveraging digitalization and how landlords & technology companies are creating partnerships that last

Podcast | Increasing Risk-adjusted Returns on Real Estate Investments

CEO, Daniel Farber discusses the HLC Equity/Layers approach, a unique value-add strategy that considers the flexibility demands of today’s renters and their needs for additional services… 

Case Study: Operating Through Covid-19

After navigating through Covid-19 for the last year, we’ve identified several major areas as being most critical to successful property operations in the new environment, and are pleased to share our findings with you…

HLC Equity 2020 Year In Review

As 2020 comes to a close, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the past year. It was a year filled with ups, downs, and curveballs called Covid. But we made it, and we are excited for what is to come. We are pleased to share the HLC Equity 2020 Year In Review, check out the highlights

Analyzing Real Estate Investment Returns

Analyzing Real Estate Investment Returns in an Uncertain Market

By Joseph Elbogen

How does one accurately analyze future real estate investment returns in an uncertain market? While some firms may be sitting back until the Corona period ends, we believe that this period of time presents a unique opportunity…

HLC Equity Insights Asset Management-Mitigating Risks and Delivering Solid Returns in Real Estate Investing

Asset Management-Mitigating Risks and Delivering Solid Returns in Real Estate Investing

By Steve Garda

The HLC Equity investment team shares tips on Asset Management and the key role that it plays in maximizing total investment returns when it comes to Real Estate Investing.

Microunits: Hype or a Unique Real Estate Investment Opportunity?

The HLC Equity investment team takes a deep dive beyond the hype and noise about microunits, and offers an overview of how this niche product sizes up as an investment

Whitepaper | Crowdfunding and Direct to Consumer Platforms: Where The Opportunities Can Be Found For Wealth Managers

Grab your free copy of our whitepaper where we explore some of the opportunities for wealth managers (and others) when it comes to crowdfunding and direct-to-consumer platforms. 

How Passive Real Estate Investors Benefit From Accelerated Depreciation

By Micah Gimpel

Smart money does smart things and there are reasons why real estate frequently forms a key part of wealth preservation and growth….

Podcast: Nina Taylor Discusses Layers

Nina Taylor, our Hospitality Director for the Layers Brand recently sat down (virtually), with Alexander Novicov, for the ‘Redefine Hospitality’ Podcast. You can listen to it or read the transcript below.

HLC Equity Launches HLC Direct

A letter from CEO, Daniel Farber.

“Dear Partners, Investors, and Family-We at HLC Equity are excited to announce the launch of HLC Direct, and here is why…”

Lucas Hewett discusses HLC's Layers Brand

Lucas Hewett recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Mark Allen of GreystoneISG on The Multifamily 5 podcast…

Whitepaper | The Key To Multifamily Investing Today​: Flexibility

We discuss shifts in multifamily that investors should know about and dive into some of the market data. Grab your copy of the whitepaper below.

(Taken from

Future of Work-Building an Integrated Model

May 13, 2020

By Daniel Farber

There has been much speculation around COVID-19 and its impact on “working from home” (#WFH) and the use of office space….

Multifamily Investors Beware (Including HLC LP’s)

March 19, 2020

By Daniel Farber

(This letter is being shared with HLC Equity investors and is published here purely for informational purposes. Further disclaimers at the bottom)…..

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