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About Us

HLC Equity is a 70+ year-old company, with an expansive real estate investment portfolio, the entrepreneurial spirit of a startup, and institutional level execution.

Harnessing our time-tested approach to real estate investment and management, today HLC Equity is an active real estate investor and operator, engaged in a wide range of asset classes, constantly monitoring fundamental market shifts, and excited about integrating leading technology advances into our operations and investment thesis.

OUR PURPOSE: Built on legacy, creating thriving communities

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Our Roots

Benjamin Lipsitz

1874 -1935

Herman Lipsitz


Robert Lipsitz


HLC Equity and its affiliated group of companies have been creating, building, and operating, thriving US enterprises for over a century. Impeccable work ethic, integrity, innovative entrepreneurialism, and dedication to the community have been the cornerstone components of HLC Equity’s culture from its humble beginnings, and they remain core principles of the group’s culture today.  

Herman Lipsitz was born in the year 1909 in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania to European-born parents. Living in the depression of the 1930’s gave Herman an extraordinary work ethic which stuck with him until he passed away in 2005. At an early age, Herman and his siblings worked with their father, Benjamin Lipsitz, in founding B. Lipsitz Company, which eventually became one of Pennsylvania’s largest wholesale distribution businesses. Herman started his Bachelors in Accounting at the age of 16, and subsequently attained his law degree from the University of Pittsburgh. Upon graduation from law school, Herman stayed involved with the family distribution business, while at the same time building up a successful private law practice of his own. 

After establishing his law practice and expanding the family distribution business, Herman began buying and developing properties throughout the USA. Herman’s real estate investment interests ranged from raw land investment to neighborhood strip centers to multi-family properties, as well as single tenant commercial properties.

In 1941 Herman married Dr. Helen Nobel, a family physician. In Herman’s free time, he was a community leader under which capacity he involved himself in everything from serving as a key philanthropist in Pittsburgh’s greater metro area, petitioning Congress on matters of importance for the overall population and serving Thanksgiving meals at a local soup kitchen.

Herman never had an idle moment. At the age of 95, Herman went to the office every day; balancing his time between his business and philanthropic interests and spending time with his wife, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

In every way, Herman had the support and encouragement of his devoted wife, Helen, for 63 years.

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