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Steve Garda

As an Asset Manager Steve plays a key role with the Asset Management team to streamline lease management, leasing strategies, tenant relations, and general portfolio performance of the Company’s assets. He coordinates and oversees facilities management operations and works with the Finance Team and Operations Team on portfolio management, new acquisitions, and lender compliance. Steve gained extensive experience in corporate real estate and facilities management while playing a key role on facilities management teams for global corporations including General Electric, Mine Safety Appliances, Del Monte Foods, and J.M. Smucker. Steve served as the Director of Facilities & Environmental Management for Tollgrade Communications, Inc. (Now ENGH:TSE) for 9 years, where he managed corporate facilities in the US and the UK. He also served for 6 years as the Real Estate and Facilities Manager for JM Smucker (SJM:NYSE), where he managed corporate facilities and sales offices in 13 states. Steve earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering Technology from the University of Pittsburgh and an MBA from Duquesne University.

Fun Fact:  While Steve has been a lifelong motorcycle enthusiast, he broke his first bone in 2013 while riding off-road with his son.  Although he’d like to claim that he was injured while jumping over a small canyon, the accident happened when his bike was barely moving. The family vacation to the Grand Canyon was delayed until his cast was removed and he hobbled around the national parks while his family hiked the massive canyons.