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Micah Gimpel

Micah oversees the accounting processes, financial reporting and tax considerations for HLC Equity and its related entities. Previously, Micah worked as a global controller of Black Rock Inc.’s (NYSE: BLK) $1 – 2B investment portfolio ranging from real estate, private equity and distressed debt funds to plain equity and bond funds. In this capacity Micah led the investment accounting processes, the external audits and SOX compliance. Additionally, his team reported on the performance and position of the portfolio to Black Rock’s executive capital committee as well as to the SEC. Micah earned his CPA working in the “big four” accounting firms, gaining experience in tax planning and compliance at KPMG and in audit with Ernst & Young’s financial services group. He received his BA in Economics from Yeshiva University with significant course work at New York University’s Stern School of Business, and earned his MBA in finance from Bar Ilan University.

Fun Fact: Micah can fool you with his resume and demeanor as a CPA/MBA square accountant type, however he once chased down and caught a burglar in broad daylight before the police arrived.