fbpx Barbara (Lipsitz) Katch - HLC Equity

Barbara (Lipsitz) Katch

As the Managing Director of HLC Equity, Barbara oversees all activities within the group, including, but not limited to, investment decisions, financial oversight, business transactions and relations, legal issues, property and office oversight. Barbara has played a key role in shaping the nature of daily operations at HLC Equity by reprogramming office operations and implementing innovative systematic procedures for acquisitions and sales as well as property management. All of this has led to the enhancement of the group’s asset portfolio. Barbara has been actively involved in the acquisitions, dispositions, or management of the group’s real estate portfolio since 1980. Barbara maintained an active law practice for over 30 years, where she practiced criminal and immigration law. Barbara earned a BA in International Relations at the University of Wisconsin, and received her JD from Temple University Law School.

Fun Fact: Barbara managed to sink her father’s motorboat in the Monongehela River; the day after his insurance coverage lapsed.