HLC Equity is hosting an interactive webinar on the practical application of Proptech in the real estate industry. As a resource for real estate investors, operators, and technology startups, the HLC Equity operational leadership team will discuss the latest tools and platforms available for property owners and managers, as well as identify areas of opportunities for technology startups and their end users. While acknowledging the potential of Proptech in the built world, the webinar will also highlight the importance of understanding the limitations and challenges that come with adopting Proptech solutions and how to navigate them effectively.


Meet The Speakers:


Daniel Farber
Daniel Farber is responsible for leading the executive management teams on strategy and execution of growth for HLC Equity’s investment portfolio, and leading the group’s operating businesses and brands. Prior to his current role, Daniel led the strategy and execution of transitioning HLC Equity from a private holding group into an institutional-level sponsor.


David Molitor
Head of Operations
As Head of Operations for HLC Equity, David’s responsibilities include oversight and management of property operations throughout the group’s real estate portfolio, along with overall corporate operations.  David is also part of the property acquisitions team and is involved in the sourcing, analyzing, and due diligence for new property acquisitions.


Steve Garda
Director of Asset Management
As Director of Asset Management Steve plays a key role with the Asset Management team to streamline lease management, leasing strategies, tenant relations, and general portfolio performance of the Company’s assets. He coordinates and oversees facilities management operations and works with the Finance Team and Operations Team on portfolio management, new acquisitions, and lender compliance. Steve gained extensive experience in corporate real estate and facilities management while playing a key role on facilities management teams for global corporations including General Electric, Mine Safety Appliances, Del Monte Foods, and J.M. Smucker.