A Framework for Growing Sustainable Family Businesses & Enterprises

an educational resource to help fuel strategic growth for family office ventures. Whether you’re a seasoned, active family-owned enterprise, or currently building family wealth, this series will address many of the topics you will likely encounter along the way and help illuminate a more efficient path towards success.

Why HLC Equity?
With over seven decades and three generations as a family-owned business, HLC Equity provides unparalleled expertise in the realm of family, with a backbone of real estate investing. Our seasoned team is well-versed in the unique challenges and opportunities faced by family-owned businesses and speak from vast experience, rather than merely theoretical knowledge.

What can I expect?
The series will provide insights that span the entire spectrum of family enterprise subjects, from fundamentals like strategic planning and governance, to more intricate nuance of the growth process. The goal is to ensure you receive a not just a well-rounded education on this domain but also specifics that apply to your family business.


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Episode 1: Introduction to the Family Enterprise Series

HLC Equity CEO, Daniel Farber, welcomes you to our newest educational content series: “Family Enterprise Series.”In this quick video, Daniel outlines our decision to explore the important topic of family businesses, why HLC Equity is qualified to speak on this subject, and what you can expect to learn over the course of the series. Our goal is to help to leverage our decades of experience to provide the insights that propel your family enterprise forward. Your success is our success.We’re here to guide you through the unique challenges that we’ve experienced, and present opportunities, providing you a more efficient way forward.

Discover how family businesses drive global innovation and growth. Welcome to HLC Equity’s “Family Enterprise Series.”

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Hey Everyone, Daniel Farber CEO of HLC Equity here.

I’m excited to welcome you to a series we created called “The Family Enterprise series”.

In this series we will be discussing everything about family business and family enterprises.

Many of our investors own and run significant family businesses and have generated significant wealth.

Frequently they invest alongside us at HLC Equity because we have also built a family enterprise, and there is a lot of alignment both in terms of investment goals and overall values.

Having been in the family business world now for several decades, we created this series and content to help many of our business owner investors, based off of both experience, hours spent paying family business consultants, and our own research.

Family businesses account for over 60% of total employment worldwide? They are the backbone of our global economy, driving innovation and creating jobs, and research shows that family businesses outperform their non-family counterparts in terms of long-term success and resilience.

We hope that you enjoy and find the “Exploring Family Enterprise” series valuable.

Episode 2 : trust

Exploring Family Enterprise as we delve into a crucial aspect of business: Trust.

In today’s discussion, we emphasize the significance of trust as the cornerstone of any successful business.

Citing a recent PwC family business survey, we highlight that a staggering 78% of family businesses recognize the paramount importance of customer trust.

Explore how trust is cultivated over time, aligning seamlessly with the longer timelines often associated with family businesses.

Discover the profound impact trust has on fostering sustainable relationships and the longevity of family enterprises.

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Today for our “Family Enterprise Series” we are discussing trust…

Trust is the cornerstone of any business. According to a recent PwC family business survey, 78% of family businesses believe customer trust is essential.

Yet building trust takes time, which generally matches up well with family businesses because they are working on a much longer timeline than other businesses.

That gives a slight advantage to family businesses that are able to build that trust over a long period of time.

Episode 3: innovation

Welcome to a new episode of “Exploring Family Enterprise,” where we unravel the crucial theme of innovation.

In today’s discussion, we shed light on the role of innovation within family businesses.

Drawing from a recent PwC family business survey, we reveal that a mere 19% of family businesses prioritize innovation.

We explore the duality of this approach, where focused attention is maintained without getting caught up in unnecessary distractions.

However, we also address the potential challenges, emphasizing that a lack of innovation can render businesses more susceptible to disruption.

Tune in to understand the delicate balance between stability and innovation in family enterprises.

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Today for our “Family Enterprise Series” we are discussing innovation.

According to a recent PWC family business survey, only 19% of family businesses prioritize innovation.

On the one hand this can be good as it allows them to stay focused and not be distracted by bells and whistles.

On the other hand it presents a serious challenge of it’s no secret that companies that innovate less are more prone to disruption.

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